Nov 27, 2019 in DevOps
Q: what are the advantages of using Git?

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Nov 27, 2019

Data redundancy and replication

High availability

Only one. git directory per repository

Superior disk utilization and network performance

Collaboration friendly

Git can use any sort of projects.

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Mar 26
The Advantages of using GIT are:

•Data redundancy and replication

•Any sort of projects can use GIT

•High availability

•Only one .git directory per repository

•Superior disk utilization and network performance

•Collaboration friendly
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Mar 26
Here are some of the most important advantages of Git:

Data redundancy and data replication is possible

It is a highly available service

For one repository you can have only one directory of Git

The network performance and disk utilization are excellent

It is very easy to collaborate on any project

You can work on any sort of project within the Git

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