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Qes- principle of design ensures that the important data is highlighted with color, size or contrast.

Ans- Emphasis

Qes:- Identify the element(s) of Design

Ans:-  Line,Texture,color, Shape,All the options

Qes. principle aids in drawing the user's focus in a certain direction

Ans. Movement

Qes. help in inspecting multiple variables simultaneously by color coding

Ans scatterplot

Qes. design principle is closely associated with movement

Ans Rhythm

Qes. FusionCharts is a __________________ based visualization package

Ans javascript

Qes. Representation of numbers, as physically measured on the surface of the graph itself, should be ______________ proportional to the numerical quantities represented

Ans. directly

Qes. State True/ False. Qlikview is built on the top if D3.js

Ans. False

Qes. Good graphical representation ___________________ data-ink and erases as much non-data-ink as possible.

Ans. Maximizes

Qes. The excessive and unnecessary use of graphical effects in graphs that are not necessary to comprehend the information but to distract viewer's attention is known as ______________.

Ans. Chart Junk

Qes. __________________ is integrated with Salesforce.

Ans. Plotly

Qes. are used for analyzing trend over a period of time

Ans. Line charts

Qes. data visualization tool supports powerful business intelligence operations, analytics and enterprise reporting capabilities.

Ans QlikView

Qes. In ___________, ranges of data are grouped into bins and intervals.

Ans. Histograms

Qes. The following are all Edward Tufte's principles of Graphical Integrity, except

Ans. Show design variation and not data variation.

Qes. FusionCharts produces ___________ different chart types

Ans. 90

Qes. A classic design solution that has intense data, simple design and word-sized graphics is called

Ans. Sparklines

Qes. Which database solution is integrated with Tableau Data Visualization Tool

Ans. All the options

Qes. A package in QlikView that handles data exploration and discovery is

Ans. Qlik Sense

Qes. __________ takes in raw data and transforms into charts, graphs and images that can flawlessly explain numbers in a marvelous way to gain insights from it

Ans.  data visulization

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