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in NoSQL by

A consistency model used in distributed computing to achieve high availability that informally guarantees that, if no new updates are made to a given data item, all accesses to that item will return the last updated value eventually is __________.

Eventually Consistent model

In Master-Slave databases, all reads are performed against the ___________.

Replicated Slaves

Vertical scaling is called __________.

Scaling up

NoSQL requires Schema like RDBMS.


_________ based databases are stored in Social Network.


_________ databases are used to store Session information, User profile, preferences, and shopping cart data.

Key-Value Pair

In document-based database, storage and retrieval is in the form of ___________.


In Master-Slave databases, all writes are written to the ____________.


Graph-based database stores entities and the relationship between them as edges and nodes of a graph, respectively.


The main goal of RDBMS system is to ____________.

Normalize the data before storage

Which model does RDBMS adapt?


Cap theorem states that it is impossible for a distributed data store to simultaneously provide more than _________ out of Consistency, Availability, Partition Tolerance.


In NoSQL databases, data is stored in a ____________ manner.


Distributing the database provides us an option of using cheaper servers called __________.

Commodity Servers

In the document-based database, documents are stored in the _________ part of the key-value store.


Consistency of CAP theorem states that all the protocols must be satisfied by the transaction. There can be half-completed transactions.


Master Slave and Sharding are examples of the _________ approach.

Horizontal Scaling

NoSQL is a flexible database management system that provides a way to store _____________.

Both the options 

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