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What is a Data Warehouse?

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A Data Warehouse (DW) is a relational database that is designed for query and analysis rather than transaction processing. It includes historical data derived from transaction data from single and multiple sources.

A Data Warehouse provides integrated, enterprise-wide, historical data and focuses on providing support for decision-makers for data modeling and analysis.

A Data Warehouse is a group of data specific to the entire organization, not only to a particular group of users.

It is not used for daily operations and transaction processing but used for making decisions.

A Data Warehouse can be viewed as a data system with the following attributes:

  • It is a database designed for investigative tasks, using data from various applications.
  • It supports a relatively small number of clients with relatively long interactions.
  • It includes current and historical data to provide a historical perspective of information.
  • Its usage is read-intensive.
  • It contains a few large tables.

"Data Warehouse is a subject-oriented, integrated, and time-variant store of information in support of management's decisions."

Characteristics of Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

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