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area code 855

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Area code 855 was officially put into service. 

With toll free numbers the charges are paid for by the party who is called instead of the caller. Although area code 855 is not assigned to a geographical area or time zone, calls to any toll free number may be restricted by the customer. Other toll free area codes are 800,

My best answer is that it depends on what you consider “tracing” to be.

My tactic is to answer the call politely but turn the call around and become the inquisitor. I ask them for their company information, return phone numbers, federal employer ID# and specific physical location, saying that if they are a legitimate business they'll have no problem with providing me with accurate information.

This causes the scammers to hang up and remove me from their list, and has actually helped me to find out about a couple of opportunities that I probably wouldn't have ever looked into from the legit players, plus I've learned a lot about how they got my information to begin with and how many online traps exist to gather your information and sell it to others,often from the biggest “legitimate” businesses out there.

I'm not going to speak about those companies here as it would be a huge article on it's own, but I will caution you to avoid filling out surveys, coupon and rebate cards unless you read the fine print on how your information will be used and shared.

If no such disclosure is provided you may be better off simply ignoring those things you really don't need, or if you're stuck with no other options you can always create an alternate identity complete with an app based free phone number and email address that you use to screen those questionable forms.

One final tactic for getting rid of the hard core callers is to say that the person they are trying to reach has passed away and you have no other information about them, only that their number is now yours and that you do not accept solicitation, being polite but firmly requesting that they remove your number from all future calls.

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