Aug 24, 2019 in Ansible
Q: Explain Ansible tags?

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Aug 24, 2019

Ansible tags are very useful when playbook is large. It may become useful to be able to run only a specific part of it rather than running everything in the playbook. For example, a playbook creates 3 users but in some cases you need only 1 user from it, so here tag is a big savior.  During playbook execution, tasks can be filtered out in two ways: 


   # On the command line, with –tags or –skip-tags options. 

     # In Ansible configuration settings, with the TAGS_RUN and TAGS_SKIP options. 

Skip tags can be used to skip one or more tag, it can be defined in command line as –skip-tags ‘tag1,tag2’. On other hand, --tags helps to execute one or tags associated with mentioned tag. 

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