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What are TOGAF Architecture Layers?

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However, the TOGAF Architecture layers are seldom used as they are nowadays, as the focus has shifted. In the beginnings of IT, there was a large gap between the IT and the Business Departments. Also, there were fewer techniques that helped to align both worlds. Nowadays, there is a strong emphasize on business capabilities, user journeys, customer-centric views and other concepts. Currently, TOGAF does not reflect this emphasis.

Another change that took place in the last 20 to 30 years is that the importance of data that is transferred between different systems, applications, and ecosystems has strongly increased. Moreover, there is a broad scope of approaches and tools that address either the application landscape of a company or the organization´s data. Both are very different topics nowadays that should also be emphasized accordingly. In the current ADM, however, applications and data are both part of the Information Systems Architecture (C). The ADM should therefore change in such a way that this phase is separated into two different phases: One to manage the architecture of the application portfolio and its lifecycle and one to manage the data architecture including data models, master data, and interfaces.

Next, the ADM has been developed in a world in which the Internet was something new and where there was very little cyber security threats and only a few areas that architecture could do in order to block attacks or mitigate their effects. Nowadays, however, security and especially cyber security must be at the forefront of each new architectural design. Technologies such as the cloud, trends such as digital ecosystems and partnerships with many different third parties have led to a tremendous increase in possible risks and ways to attack. In order to consider this fundamental change, it should also be reflected by an additional ADM phase called Security Architecture (between phases D and E).

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