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What are the types of Machine Learning?

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In all the ML Interview Questions that we would be going to discuss, this is one of the most basic question.

So, basically, there are three types of Machine Learning techniques:

Supervised Learning: In this type of the Machine Learning technique, machines learn under the supervision of labeled data. There is a training dataset on which the machine is trained, and it gives the output according to its training.

three types of Machine Learning techniques

Unsupervised Learning: Unlike supervised learning, it has unlabeled data. So, there is no supervision under which it works on the data. Basically, unsupervised learning tries to identify patterns in data and make clusters of similar entities. After that, when a new input data is fed into the model, it does not identify the entity; rather, it puts the entity in a cluster of similar objects.

Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised Learning 2

Reinforcement Learning: Reinforcement learning includes models that learn and traverse to find the best possible move. The algorithms for reinforcement learning are constructed in a way that they try to find the best possible suite of action on the basis of the reward and punishment theory.

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