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Q: What is the difference between Maven, Ant, and Jenkins?

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Jan 17

Maven vs Jenkins:

Maven is a build tool like Ant. It consists of a pom.xml file which is specified in Jenkins to run the code. Whereas, Jenkins is used as a continuous integration tool and automate the deployment process. The reports of the builds can be used to set a mark for continuous delivery as well.

We will review the differences between Maven, Ant, and Jenkins in a comparative way:

Maven Ant Jenkins

It is a Build Automation Tool. Java Library/Command Line Tool. Continuous Integration Tool.

Defines how the software is built and describes the software dependencies. Drives build process. Automates the software development process with Continuous Integration and facilitates Continuous Deliver.

Supports projects written in C#, Ruby. Supports projects written in C and C++. Supports version control tools like Git, AccuRev.

Executes Unit Tests as a part of the normal build cycle. Supports single file execution introduced with Java II. Can execute Apache Ant and Apache Maven.

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