Dec 30, 2019 in TOGAF
Since TOGAF is freely available, why join The Open Group?

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Dec 30, 2019

Organizations wishing to reduce the time, cost, and risk of implementing multi-vendor solutions that integrate within and between enterprises need The Open Group as their key partner.

The Open Group brings together the buyers and suppliers of information systems worldwide, and enables them to work together, both to ensure that IT solutions meet the needs of customers, and to make it easier to integrate IT across the enterprise.

The Open Group Architecture Framework is a key enabler in this task.

Yes, TOGAF itself is freely available. But how much will you spend on developing or updating your enterprise architecture using TOGAF? And how much will you spend on procurements based on that architecture?

The price of membership of The Open Group is insignificant in comparison with these amounts.

In addition to the general benefits of membership, as a member of The Open Group you will be eligible to participate in The Open Group Architecture Forum, which is the development program within which TOGAF is evolved, and in which TOGAF users come together to exchange information and feedback.

Members of the Architecture Forum gain:

  • Immediate access to the fruits of the current year's TOGAF work program (not publicly available until publication of the next edition of the TOGAF document) - in effect, the latest information on TOGAF, as opposed to information that is up to a year old
  • Exchange of experience with other customer and vendor organizations involved in enterprise architecture in general, and networking with architects using TOGAF in significant architecture development projects around the world
  • Peer review of specific architecture case study material
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