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What is R used for?

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Nov 4, 2019
Statistical inference

Data analysis

Machine learning algorithm

R by Industry

If we break down the use of R by industry, we see that academics come first. R is a language to do statistic. R is the first choice in the healthcare industry, followed by government and consulting.

R package

The primary uses of R is and will always be, statistic, visualization, and machine learning. The picture below shows which R package got the most questions in Stack Overflow. In the top 10, most of them are related to the workflow of a data scientist: data preparation and communicate the results.

Communicate with R

R has multiple ways to present and share work, either through a markdown document or a shiny app. Everything can be hosted in Rpub, GitHub or the business's website.

Rstudio accepts markdown to write a document. You can export the documents in different formats:

Document :






PDF beamer
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