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Why would you choose Vue.js over other front-end frameworks?

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When a developer chooses a tech stack they should display an understanding of the pros and cons of alternative solutions. Vue.js should be compared with the most popular front-end frameworks, React and Angular.


All three frameworks display similar performance. No significant difference here. However, Angular apps with the same base features and functionality have a larger compiled size than two other frameworks.

Ease of Use

React is widely considered to have a steep learning curve. Developers need to learn JSX, ES6, and a build system (like webpack) before they can be productive with React. Create React App assumes that you are building a single-page app thus adopting React for other scenarios would require extra learning time.

Angular effectively requires knowing TypeScript to get started with it. Angular framework design targets building enterprise-scale applications and is quite complex. Developers need to familiarize themselves with an extensive framework API and its concepts before starting to be productive.

One design goal of Vue.js was for it to be incrementally adoptable. This means you can drop it into legacy projects and start using it without rebuilding the whole app from the ground up. Vue.js uses core web technologies that web developers are already familiar with: HTML, CSS, and plain JavaScript (ES5). Using build tools is not required: You can include Vue with just a <script> tag.

Suitability for Large-scale Apps

React and Angular were developed by Facebook and Google, respectively, so they have been enterprise-grade frameworks from the start. While Vue.js started as a one-man project, it’s come a long way since then, attracting a large number of supporters and developers—its core team now has more than 20 developers.

More to the point, Vue.js has been adopted by a number of companies including the likes of Adobe and Alibaba.

Thus, all three frameworks are well-suited for building large-scale apps.


React is the most popular framework at the moment, having a considerably richer ecosystem than both Vue and Angular, with a large number of third-party libraries.

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