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Installing Android software

1 Answer

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Install Android
Android supports java, c++, c# etc. language to develop android applications. Java is the officially supported language for android. All the android examples of this site is developed using Java language and Eclipse IDE.
Here, we are going to tell you, the required softwares to develop android applications using Eclipse IDE.
There are two ways to install android.
By ADT Bundle
By Setup Eclipse Manually
1) By Android Studio
It is the simplest technique to install required software for android application. It includes:
Eclipse IDE
Android SDK
Eclipse Plugin
Click me to download android adt bundle
If you download the Android Studio from android site, you don't need to have eclipse IDE, android SDK and eclipse Plugin because it is already included in Android Studio.
If you have downloaded the Android Studio, unjar it, go to eclipse IDE and start the eclipse by clicking on the eclipse icon. You don't need to do any extra steps here.
If eclipse is not started, paste the JRE directory inside the eclipse directory.
2) By set up eclipse manually
Visit the next page to learn about setting up android in eclipse manually.
Next TopicHow To Setup Android For Eclipse IDE

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