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Your team set up the standard VM configuration for a group of applications and prepared a template.
Everything is working just fine.
Now the traffic is increasing and you want everything to be more scalable, high available and secure.
What is the very first action to take?

A. For next VM you put the –scalable parameter in the template
B. Set up a Load Balancer
C. Take a snapshot of the boot disk
D. Set up a managed instance group

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Correct Answer: D
The managed instance group (MIG) gives you high availability: If an instance stops, crashes, is malfunctioning or is deleted by an action other than an instance group management command, the MIG automatically recreates that instance in accordance with the original instance’s specification.
Managed instance groups support autoscaling that dynamically adds or removes instances. You have to setup a Load Balancer in front of the MIG

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