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HBase Commands

A list of HBase commands are given below.

Create: Creates a new table identified by 'table1' and Column Family identified by 'colf'.

Put: Inserts a new record into the table with row identified by 'row..'

Scan: returns the data stored in table

Get: Returns the records matching the row identifier provided in the table

Help: Get a list of commands

create 'table1', 'colf'  

list 'table1'  

 put 'table1', 'row1', 'colf:a', 'value1'  

 put 'table1', 'row1', 'colf:b', 'value2'  

 put 'table1', 'row2', 'colf:a', 'value3'  

 scan 'table1'  

 get 'table1', 'row1'

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