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Write down main difference between Angular and React?

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Below is 11 main difference between Angular and React

Author:-Angular author is Google and React is handle by Facebook Community.

Developer:-Angular developer is Misko Hevery and React developer name is Jordan Walke.

Release Data(Initial):-Angular date is "October 2010" and React date is "March 2013"

Language:-Angular language is JavaScript and HTML and react uses only JSX.

Performance:-Performance wise Angular is little bit Slow on the other hand React is Fast(Due to Virtual DOM).

Render:-Angular is Client-Side and React is on Server-Side.

DOM:-Angular is Regular DOM and React is Virtual DOM.

Data-Binding:-Angular is Bi-directional and React is Uni-directional.

Testing:-Angular have Unit and Integration Testing and on other side React is Unit Testing.

App Architecture:-Angular have MVC support and React have Flux.

Type:- Angular is Open Source MVC Framework and React is Open Source JS Framework.

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