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Q: Key differences between Jenkins vs Travis CI

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Nov 22, 2019

Both Jenkins vs Travis CI are popular choices in the market; let us discuss some of the major Difference Between Jenkins vs Travis CI:

  • Jenkins provides support to cross-platform build, which helps in building and deploying the code easily. Travis CI is lagging in providing the cross-platform support.
  • Jenkins is easy to install and make the service running and up with one command line. Travis CI is easier to configure with .travis.yaml file
  • Jenkins has a lot of resources, tutorials, and great community support. Travis Ci has only community support and tutorials, fewer resources.
  • Jenkins is free and open source continuous integration tool. Travis CI is free for open source but paid for private projects.
  • Jenkins is highly scalable. Travis is less as compared to Jenkins.
  • Jenkins is free of cost whereas Travis CI is expensive.
  • In Jenkins, sometimes poor plugins are difficult to join. Travis CI does not have this kind of problem.
  • Jenkins is highly customizable because of the availability of plugins, etc. Travis CI can also be integrated with other external tools.
  • Jenkins can be hosted internally. Travis CI cannot be hosted internally.
  • Jenkins is mainly used by the top companies. Travis CI is used by the good companies but yet to reach to great companies.
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