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What is Bamboo?

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Bamboo is powerful as long as you’re exploitation it with Bitbucket and JIRA, and are willing to get your CI answer. Also, Bamboo is straightforward to use and users will add multiple tasks in less time. Developers who wish easier preparation capability and are willing to use straightforward UI ought to provide it an attempt. Choose for the simplest primarily based upon your needs.

Bamboo Features:

Simple and intuitive drag & drop UI for planning Pipelines, supported constant tasks, jobs, stages principles of Continuous Delivery. Fanning out/in is trivial.

  • Temporarily disabling Stages, Jobs or Tasks is trivial. Jobs will be dropped between Stages, Stages and Tasks will be dropped to re-order, with pop-up warnings if what you’re on the brink of doing doesn’t be.
  • Chaining pipelines along, whereas not as slick as GoCD, is additionally possible; but, I’ll pronto admit that this is often one amongst Bamboo’s weakest points.
  • A separate preparation manager, within which you’ll simply manage preparation environments, track what you have got discharged and wherever, and full traceability from a unleash back to the rotter commits and therefore the JIRA problems it includes.
  • Automatically detects new branches and builds them. It’s even doable (albeit via a really cheap plugin) for a constant pipeline to behave otherwise on a branch build.
  • Build Artifacts are automatically managed through every pipeline run, all over to deployment; no have to be compelled to stage artifacts in the associate external repository.
  • Integration with alternative Atlassian product is, as you’d expect, immensely superior to alternative combos you’ll concoct.

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