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in Agile by
What does a day at work as an agile coach look like?

1 Answer

0 votes

At least the day looks like I have no clue what will happen throughout the day. First, I go to the teams and ask them how everything is going. I offer them to take my help if they need it and then people come to me and say, “This just happened here. How should I proceed? Do you have an idea? or “Can you take the lead here?” Basically, I offer my service. You can see it as Management as a Service or Leadership as a Service.

Sometimes very trivial topics also arise like, “Can you organize a meeting for this and that – and can you moderate it?”. Or more demanding topics like, “I have a problem with this other team. They never do what we ask them to do. Can you talk to them?” Then I’ll assign the task to myself and do it.

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