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What are the desirable qualities of the vision?

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The vision forms the foundation of any product, it is something which encourages and inspires people to stay on the right path, hence it should be clear and firm; extensive and appealing. Vison should be Imaginable, Desirable/Compelling, Achievable/Feasible, Challenging, Aligned/Focused, Flexible & Communicable. To list out few desired qualities of the vision, let’s look at the following points:

Clear and firm – A good product vision should be easy to grasp, interpret and creates a common purpose for the teams while avoiding confusion and misinterpretation. Visions may change with changing factors. Small adjustments are allowed provided the value proposition of the item is retained. But big adjustments may cause confusion, project failure and demotivation.

Extensive and appealing – It should provide a very high-level view of where we want to go, and also provides the development team with space to come up with ideas, to collaborative, to find solutions, to inspire to achieve more. It should encourage the team for better delivery in line with customer expectations.

Brief and concise –It should contain only information critical to the realization of the product. It is not a list of requirements, hence, it should not cover the minute details. In simple terms, it should be short and sweet.

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