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ggplot2 package in R language

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his part of the tutorial focuses on how to make graphs/charts with R.

In this tutorial, you are going to use ggplot2 package. This package is built upon the consistent underlying of the book Grammar of graphics written by Wilkinson, 2005. ggplot2 is very flexible, incorporates many themes and plot specification at a high level of abstraction. With ggplot2, you can't plot 3-dimensional graphics and create interactive graphics.

In ggplot2, a graph is composed of the following arguments:

  • data
  • aesthetic mapping
  • geometric object
  • statistical transformations
  • scales
  • coordinate system
  • position adjustments
  • faceting

You will learn how to control those arguments in the tutorial.

The basic syntax of ggplot2 is:

ggplot(data, mapping=aes()) +
geometric object 

data: Dataset used to plot the graph
mapping: Control the x and y-axis 
geometric object: The type of plot you want to show. The most common object are:
- Point: `geom_point()` 
- Bar: `geom_bar()`
- Line: `geom_line()` 
- Histogram: `geom_histogram()`