Nov 14, 2019 in R Language
Q: Function ggcorr in R Language

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Nov 14, 2019

The function ggcorr

ggcorr(df, method = c("pairwise", "pearson"),
  nbreaks = NULL, digits = 2, low = "#3B9AB2",
  mid = "#EEEEEE", high = "#F21A00",
  geom = "tile", label = FALSE,
  label_alpha = FALSE)


  • df: Dataset used
  • method: Formula to compute the correlation. By default, pairwise and Pearson are computed
  • nbreaks: Return a categorical range for the coloration of the coefficients. By default, no break and the color gradient is continuous
  • digits: Round the correlation coefficient. By default, set to 2
  • low: Control the lower level of the coloration
  • mid: Control the middle level of the coloration
  • high: Control the high level of the coloration
  • geom: Control the shape of the geometric argument. By default, "tile"
  • label: Boolean value. Display or not the label. By default, set to `FALSE`
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