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How to Replace Missing Values(NA) in R: na.omit & na.rm summary

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We have three methods to deal with missing values:

  • Exclude all of the missing observations
  • Impute with the mean
  • Impute with the median

The following table summarizes how to remove all the missing observations

Library Objective Code
base List missing observations
colnames(df)[apply(df, 2, anyNA)]
dplyr Remove all missing values

Imputation with mean or median can be done in two ways

  • Using apply
  • Using sapply

Method Details Advantages Disadvantages
Step by step with apply Check columns with missing, compute mean/median, store the value, replace with mutate() You know the value of means/median More execution time. Can be slow with big dataset
Quick way with sapply Use sapply() and data.frame() to automatically search and replace missing values with mean/median Short code and fast Don't know the imputation values