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Explain the basic terminologies or concepts in Ansible?

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Some basic terms which are commonly used in Ansible, such as:

Controller Machine: The Controller machine is used to provisioning the servers, which is managed. This is the machine where Ansible is installed.

Inventory: An inventory is an initialization file which has details about the different servers you are managing.

Playbook: It is a code file that is written in the YAML format. A playbook contains the tasks that need to be automated or executed.

Task: Every task represents a single procedure that needs to be executed, e.g., installs a library.

Module: A module is the set of tasks that can be executed. Ansible has 100s of built-in modules, and also you can create custom ones.

Role: The role is a pre-defined way for organizing playbooks and other files to facilitate sharing and reusing portions of provisioning.

Play: The task executed from start to finish, or the execution of a playbook is called the play.

Facts: Facts are global variables which are store details about the system, such as network interfaces or operating system.

Handlers: Handlers are used to trigger the status of a service, such as restarting or stopping a service.

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