Nov 11, 2019 in DevOps

What Is The Typical DevOps workflow?

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Nov 11, 2019

The typical DevOps workflow is as follows:

Atlassian Jira for writing requirements and tracking tasks.

Based on the Jira tasks, developers checking code into GIT version control system.

The code checked into GIT is built by using Apache Maven.

The build process is automated with Jenkins.

During the build process, automated tests run to validate the code checked in by a


Code built on Jenkins is sent to organization’s Artifactory.

Jenkins automatically picks the libraries from Artifactory and deploys it to Production.

During Production deployment, Docker images are used to deploy same code on

multiple hosts.

Once a code is deployed to Production, we use monitoring tools like ngios are

used to check the health of production servers.

Splunk based alerts inform the admins of any issues or exceptions in production.

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