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What is the goal of the SAFe House of Lean model?

2 Answers

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It all starts with a Lean-Agile Mindset. —SAFe authors     Lean-Agile Mindset The Lean-Agile Mindset is the combination of beliefs, assumptions, and actions of SAFe leaders and practitioners who embrace the concepts of the Agile Manifesto and Lean thinking. It’s the personal, intellectual, and leadership foundation for adopting and applying SAFe principles and practices. SAFe is based on three primary bodies of knowledge: Agile development, Lean product development [1], and systems thinking. Agile development provides the tools needed to empower and engage teams to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, quality, and engagement. Nevertheless, a broader and deeper Lean-Agile mindset is required to support Lean and Agile development at scale across the entire enterprise. Therefore, there are two primary aspects of a Lean-Agile Mindset: Thinking Lean – Lean thinking is illustrated by the SAFe House of Lean (Figure 1). In this graphical depiction, the roof of the house represents the goal of delivering value. The pillars embody respect for people and culture, flow, innovation, and relentless improvement to support the goal. Lean leadership provides the foundation on which everything stands. Embracing agility – SAFe is built entirely on the skills, aptitude, and capabilities of Agile teams and their leaders. The Agile Manifesto provides a value system and set of principles that are fundamental to the mindset for successful Agile development. Understanding and applying this knowledge helps create the Lean-Agile mindset, part of a new management approach and an enhanced company culture. It provides the leadership needed to drive a successful SAFe transformation, helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals.
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