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What are the hacking stages?

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Hacking, or targeting on a machine, should have the following 5 phases :

Surveillance : This is the principal stage where the hacker endeavours to gather as much data as possible about the target

Scanning : This stage includes exploiting the data accumulated amid Surveillance stage and utilizing it to inspect the casualty. The hacker can utilize computerized devices amid the scanning stage which can incorporate port scanners, mappers and vulnerability scanners.

Getting access : This is where the real hacking happens. The hacker attempts to exploit data found amid the surveillance and Scanning stage to get access.

Access Maintenance : Once access is gained, hackers need to keep that access for future exploitation and assaults by securing their exclusive access with backdoors, rootkits and Trojans.

Covering tracks : Once hackers have possessed the capacity to pick up and maintain access, they cover their tracks and to keep away from getting detected. This likewise enables them to proceed with the utilization of the hacked framework and keep themselves away from legitimate activities.

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