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How would you characterize your role as a Product Owner?

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The primary role of the PO is to guide the vision by translating it into workable business or technical requirements.

The PO has an in-depth product knowledge and autonomy to prioritize product vision and requirements.

The PO responsibilities include:

Creating and maintaining the Product Backlog

Prioritizing and sequencing the Backlog according to business value as expressed by roadmap and stakeholder needs

Preparing for each sprint and release planning by working with team to elaborate Feature Stories into Minimal Marketable Features that deliver increments of value and User Stories that are appropriately sized for each sprint.

Representing customer and stakeholder interests, by engaging and soliciting feedback to validate priorities and compromises.

Participating in daily standup Scrums, Sprint Planning Meetings, Sprint Reviews, and Retrospectives.

Developing acceptance criteria and accepting User Stories during the sprint to confirm implementation meets intent of acceptance criteria.

Negotiating Sprint priorities and commitment when team communicates new discoveries that impact size or value of work.

Communicating status to stakeholders including use of Visible Product Backlog for forecasting release content and dates.

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