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What About Publishing Artifacts To Maven Central?

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This allows for maximum convenience for the majority of Spring users, given that most users have Maven-based builds and Maven resolves artifacts by default from Maven Central.

The preferred way of releasing artifacts to Maven Central is via Sonatype’s Nexus server at (OSO). This is explained in detail in Sonatype’s OSS usage guide.

The Spring Artifactory repository has been customized with a “nexus-push” plugin that allows for automatic propagation of builds from Artifactory to the Nexus server at OSO for publication into Maven Central.

All Spring projects — that is, all projects having groupid org.spring framework — can publish to OSO under the shared ‘SpringSource’ account. This has already been set up in the nexus-push plugin, so there’s no additional setup necessary at OSO, even for new projects.

The Artifactory Bamboo plugin supports the use of the nexus-push plugin through it’s UI. Step 3 of the FAQ entry above on publishing releases described the process for promoting a build-out of staging. If the build is a GA release, simply choose the ‘Push to Nexus’ option, and select ‘libs-release-local’ as the target repository. (Interview Questions All)

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