May 26, 2019 in Testing

Explain bug life cycle.

Bug Life Cycle:

- When a tester finds a bug .The bug is assigned with NEW or OPEN status,

- The bug is assigned to development project manager who will analyze the bug .He will check whether it is a valid defect. If not valid bug is rejected then status is REJECTED.

- If not, next the defect is checked whether it is in scope. When bug is not part of the current release .Such defects are POSTPONED

- Now, Tester checks whether a similar defect was raised earlier. If yes defect is assigned a status DUPLICATE

- When bug is assigned to developer. During this stage bug is assigned a status IN-PROGRESS

- Once code is fixed. Defect is assigned a status FIXED

- Next the tester will re-test the code. In case the test case passes the defect is CLOSED

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May 26, 2019 in Testing
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