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What are the features you check before you purchase the mobile?

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Priority will be the price of a mobile, but various features to check before we make our choice for our dream mobile will be

Display – Screen size, resolution, browser support, movable keypad, reliable network connectivity.

Storage – capacity to store large files, images, documents, downloaded programs

Battery – long-lasting and quick charging batteries that should be easily available in market.

Processing power – for remote work situations should able to process designing graphical images, presentation, comfortable keypad, file sharing options.

Ease of use – for elderly or novice, helpful settings, and configuration.

Camera– with high-quality picture, zoom effects, large pixel resolution.

Accessories should include the charger, battery, handsfree and screen guard

The warranty should include any online help in case of difficulty to use mobile, repair of mobile due to hardware fault or replacement of mobile set.

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