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Does Accenture manager forces female employee for midnight 12 hour shift against her will | Female Employee Protection

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The above news is really a fake, if that would have happen ,govt would have seek clarification immediately.

Nowadays many companies are forcing its employees to work for extra hours and are also forcing them to work for night shifts.  A similar case has came to light when a female employee of accenture has used social media to express her frustation over how her manager has forced her to work for night shifts and has also threatend her that if she does not do as he says then she will be fired. 
The women was having some medical issues and because of which she told her manager that she will not be able to do the night shifts and also she was feeling insecure because she was the only female employee to be working in the night shift along with around 50 male employees.   The women wrote a post that says,   I was forced to attend night shift despite of the fact that my manager knew that I was on medication.I informed him multiple times that I will not be able to attend office in night due to medical reasons and being the only female employee in a team of approx 50 guys. But he forced me, harassed me to attend night shift. he called me more than 10 times. When I raised this issue to his manager and HR head. He became quite for some time. Again he started forcing me to attend the shift that was 11-12 hr per days. When I told him its not feasible for me he started threatening me that he'll fire me if i don't take night or 12 hr shift. I finally resigned from my organisation. I was pressurized to give 1 yr commitment for it. I raised my concern to hr head but no action was taken from anywhere. I never received any call from hr team. It was not only me who was facing problem from his behavior. His whole team had problem with his behavior. Can i take any legal action against him.  

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