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what is the purpose of inputlookup and outputlookup are used in Splunk Search?

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The inputlookup command is used to search the contents of a Splunk lookup table. The lookup table can be a CSV lookup or a KV store lookup. The inputlookup command is considered to be an event-generating command. An event-generating command generates events or reports from one or more indexes without transforming them. There are many commands that come under the event-generating commands such as metadata, loadjob, inputcsv, etc. The inputlookup command is one of them.


inputlookup [append=] [start=] [max=] [ | ] [WHERE ]

Now coming to the outputlookup command, it writes the search results to a static lookup table, or KV store collection, that we specify. The outputlookup command is not being used with external lookups.


outputlookup [append=<bool>] [create_empty=<bool>] [max=<int>] [key_field=<field_name>] [createinapp=<bool>] [override_if_empty=<bool>] (<filename> | <tablename>)