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What are basic Git commands.?

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Some of the Basic Git Commands are summarized in the below table -



git init

Used to start a new repository.

git config -

git config –global user.name “[name]”

git config –global user.email “[email address]”

This helps to set the username and email to whom the commits belong to.

git clone <repository path>

Used to create a local copy of an existing repository.

git add -

git add <file names separated by commas>

git add .

Used to add one or more files to the staging area.

git commit -

git commit -a 

git commit -m “<add commit message>”

Creates a snapshot or records of the file(s) that are in the staging area.

git diff -

git diff [first branch] [second branch]

git diff -staged

Used to show differences between the two mentioned branches/differences made in the files in the staging area vs current version.

git status

Lists out all the files that are to be committed.

git rm <file name(s)>

Used to delete a file(s) from the current working directory and also stages it.

git show <commit>

Shows the content changes and metadata of the mentioned commit.

git branch -

git branch [branch name]

git branch -d [branch name]

git branch

The first one creates a brand new branch.

The second is used to delete the mentioned branch.

The last one lists out all the branches available and also highlights the branch we are in currently.