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Below are the points for Culture of Shared Responsibility 

DevOps leverages the culture created by adopting the Lean-Agile values, principles, and practices of the entire framework. Just about every principle of SAFe, from Principle #1 – Take an economic view to Principle #9 – Decentralize decision-making, applies to DevOps. It enables shifting some operating responsibilities upstream, while following development work downstream into deployment, and operating and monitoring the solution in production. Such a culture includes: 

1) Collaboration and organization – DevOps relies on the ability of Agile teams and IT Operations teams to collaborate effectively in an ongoing manner, ensuring that solutions are developed and delivered faster and more reliably. This is implemented, in part, by including operations personnel and capabilities on every ART. 

2) Risk tolerance – DevOps requires a tolerance for failure and rapid recovery, and rewards risk-taking. 

3) Self-service infrastructures – Infrastructure empowers development and operations to act independently without blocking each other. 

4) Knowledge sharing – Sharing discoveries, practices, tools, and learning across silos is encouraged. 

5) Automate everything mindset – DevOps relies heavily on automation to provide speed, consistency, and repeatable processes and environment creation, as we describe below.

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