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what are data warehouse components?

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Architecture is the proper arrangement of the elements. We build a data warehouse with software and hardware components. To suit the requirements of our organizations, we arrange these building we may want to boost up another part with extra tools and services. All of these depends on our circumstances.

Data Warehouse Components

The figure shows the essential elements of a typical warehouse. We see the Source Data component shows on the left. The Data staging element serves as the next building block. In the middle, we see the Data Storage component that handles the data warehouses data. This element not only stores and manages the data; it also keeps track of data using the metadata repository. The Information Delivery component shows on the right consists of all the different ways of making the information from the data warehouses available to the users.

Source Data Component

Source data coming into the data warehouses may be grouped into four broad categories:

Production Data: This type of data comes from the different operating systems of the enterprise. Based on the data requirements in the data warehouse, we choose segments of the data from the various operational modes.

Internal Data: In each organization, the client keeps their "private" spreadsheets, reports, customer profiles, and sometimes even department databases. This is the internal data, part of which could be useful in a data warehouse.

Archived Data: Operational systems are mainly intended to run the current business. In every operational system, we periodically take the old data and store it in achieved files.

External Data: Most executives depend on information from external sources for a large percentage of the information they use. They use statistics associating to their industry produced by the external department.

Data Staging Component

After we have been extracted data from various operational systems and external sources, we have to prepare the files for storing in the data warehouse. The extracted data coming from several different sources need to be changed, converted, and made ready in a format that is relevant to be saved for querying and analysis.

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