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How do you configure a Git repository to run code sanity checking tools right before making commits, and preventing them if the test fails?

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I will suggest you to first give a small introduction to sanity checking.

Sanity or smoke test determines whether it is possible and reasonable to continue testing.

Now explain how to achieve this.

This can be done with a simple script related to the pre-commit hook of the repository. The pre-commit hook is triggered right before a commit is made, even before you are required to enter a commit message. In this script, one can run other tools, such as linters and perform sanity checks on the changes being committed into the repository.

Finally, give an example, you can refer the below script:


files=$(git diff –cached –name-only –diff-filter=ACM | grep ‘.go$’)

if [ -z files ]; then

exit 0


unfmtd=$(gofmt -l $files)

if [ -z unfmtd ]; then

exit 0


echo “Some .go files are not fmt’d”

exit 1

This script checks to see if any .go file that is about to be committed needs to be passed through the standard Go source code formatting tool gofmt. By exiting with a non-zero status, the script effectively prevents the commit from being applied to the repository.