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How to get unlimited storage of google drive for free

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What is google drive

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service which was developed by Google. It was launched on April 24, 2012 by Google. Google Drive allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize files across devices, and share files. Google Drive encompasses Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, etc which are a part of an office suite. It provides you ability to store your file and access whenever and wherever you want.

Why to have google drive storage? 

Google drive provides you 15 GB storage for free with your google account. You can get free storage for your every google account. You can storage your files safely and can access anytime. This prevents loss of files. Google drive allows to share and synchronize files across devices. For office it encompasses google docs, slides and sheets.

How to get unlimited storage of google drive for free? 

As you know google drive provides only 15 GB storage for free. So, how to get unlimited storage of google drive for free? That is what i am going to tell you. I will provide you 2 methods. You can try any one of them or both.

Method 1. for unlimited google drive storage  

This method is recommended by me. This is 100% legal and authentic method. We will use edu email to get unlimited google drive for free. If your university provides edu email and it supports to get google drive them you can use it but we all aren’t student and have edu email, do we? That’s why I will guide you in every steps from zero. Follow to get google drive unlimited storage for free.

To get unlimited storage of google drive for free we need edu email. If you have them use yours . If you don’t have then click here to learn how to get edu email for free. I have 2 method for free edu email and for 2nd method click here.

Method 1:

  1. After you get your edu email you need to sign-in with your edu email in google drive for getting unlimited google drive for free. Login with your edu email like I did.
  2. Now your edu email has unlimited google drive storage.  You can use google drive with that edu email but how to get unlimited google drive storage in your personal email? I will tell you that too. Follow steps given below.
  3. Create a folder in google drive of your personal email.
  4. Right click on the folder and click on share option.How to get gsuite for free
  5. Now type the edu email and team drive 
  6. Now open google drive of the edu email with whom you just shared folder. Go to share with me option. There you will see a folder you had just created in your google drive of personal email.
  7. Right click the folder and click to add to my drive.Create team drive for free
  8. Now just upload your files in that shared folder in google drive of edu email and you get unlimited google drive storage for free.

This is simple trick. You upload file only on google drive of your edu email under that shared folder and you can access that folder with your personal email and enjoy.

Enjoy your free google drive unlimited storage.

Method 2. For unlimited google drive storage

This method to get unlimited storage of google drive for free is quite different. We will use a third party website. I don’t suggest to keep private and important file using this method. If you have important file then use method 1. Now let’s learn about our second. Google drive method.

  1. At first for getting google drive unlimited storage for free you need visit a website by clicking here.
  2. Now enter your email where you want to add unlimited storage of google drive. I suggest to use email which isn’t important to you. Name the drive. Solve the captcha and send.Google drive for free 
  3. Now open your google drive and there open your shared drive option.
  4. There you will see folder like drive you had to get unlimited storage of google drive for free 
  5. Now store your files in that drive. You can store unlimited files in that drive. That single drive works as secondary drive for you. Enjoy your unlimited google drive storage for free.

Bonus: If you apply and got accepted in some university like Stanford, city college of San Francisco, etc then you can create your own private shared drives and team drives like in method 2. If I share this method then the tutorial will be long so,  if you want tutorial about this then you can contact me or comment below. 

Congratulations you got unlimited storage of google drive for free. Enjoy your cloud storage. This was another awesome article and yet other awesome articles are waiting for us. Stay updated till our next awesome tricks and tutorial. Share and support us

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