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Q: How is git instaweb used?

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Oct 15, 2019

‘git instaweb’ is used to automatically direct a web browser and run a webserver with an interface into your local repository.

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Feb 7

Instaweb is a script used to set up a temporary instance of GitWeb on a web server for browsing local repositories. Instaweb requires, at a minimum, a light-weight server such as lighttpd or webrick.

We are specifying WEBrick as the web server since it is already installed on macOS. For more configuration options see the Instaweb documentation here: https://git-scm.com/docs/git-instaweb.

Git has a built-in repository viewer for your web browser. a bit similar (but less awesome) than github.

If you have apache installed, simply go to your repository, and enter

git instaweb --httpd apache2

otherwise, simply install lighttpd and just run

git instaweb

This should open a brower automatically pointing to your repository. If not, try to connect to localhost:1234.

You can stop the server with

git instaweb --stop

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