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Explain Agile Testing? What are the principles of Agile Testing?

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Agile testing, as the name suggests, is a software testing process where software is tested for any defects, errors, or other issues. It is considered a core part of the development process as it enables testers and developers to work together as a team that in turn improves overall performance. It also helps in ensuring the successful delivery of high-quality products. Testing is usually performed so that testers can identify and resolve the problems early and at every point in the development process.

Principles of Agile Testing 

There are eight main principles of Agile Testing as given below:

  1. Continuous Testing: Testing should be conducted continuously by the Agile team to ensure continuous development progress.  
  2. Continuous Feedback: This process generally encourages taking feedback from clients to make sure that the product meets the requirements of the client or customer.  
  3. Team Work or collective work: Not only testers but developers, business analysts can also perform software testing or application testing.  
  4. Clean Code: Quality of software is maintained as the team tests the software to ensure that the code is clean, simple, and tight. All errors and defects that are found during the testing phase are fixed quickly within the same iteration by the Agile Team. 
  5. Less Documentation: This process usually involves the usage of reusable checklists instead of lengthy documentation.  
  6. Test-Driven: In other conventional methods, testing is only performed after the implementation but in agile testing, testing is done during the implementation so that errors or any issues can be removed on time.  
  7. Customer Satisfaction: During the agile testing process, development progress is being shown to clients or customers so that they can adapt and update their requirements. This is done to ensure customer satisfaction.  

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