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Ethereum Blockchain 2.0 Questions and Answers on :

  • Native Currency
  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum
  • Tokens
  • Ether
  • Ethereum Commands
  • Transaction Fee
  • Configuration Files
  • Remix IDE
  • Truffle
  • EIP
  • Solidity File
  • Ethereum DApps

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Question#1 The native currency of Ethereum network is _________________.

a) Mycoin

b) Ether

c) Bitcoin

d) Litecoin

Answer:- Ether

Question#2 _________requires lots of Electricity/Energy.

a) Proof of Stake

b) Proof of work

c) Proof of Authority

d) Blockchain

Answer:- Proof of Authority

Question#3 The main advantage of Ethereum over Bitcoin is __________.

a) Smart contracts

b) Transaction

c) Mining

d) Tokens

Answer:- Smart contracts

Question#4 What are Ethereum tokens?

a) Native currency

b) Alternate currency

c) Digital asset

d) Mining reward

Answer:- Digital asset

Question#5 Ethereum tokens are created by using ____________.

a) Application

b) Smart contracts

c) Dapps

d) Software

Answer:- Smart contracts

Question#6 How many rewards (Wei/Ether) does the miner receive for adding a block to the chain?

a) 5 Ether

b) 5 Wei

c) 5*e15 Wei

d) 5*e9 Wei

Answer:- 5 Ether

Question#7 How many lower denominations does the Ether have?

a) 3

b) 10

c) 6

d) 5

Answer:- 6

Question#8 What is the smallest unit of Ether?

a) Gwei

b) Wei

c) Kwei

d) Mwei

Answer:- Wei

Question#9 The time taken for mining one block in Ethereum is ___________.

a) 14 Seconds

b) 1 Seconds

c) 10 Seconds

d) 10 Minutes

Answer:- 14 Seconds

Question#10 EVM stands for ___________.

a) Ethereum Virtual Machine

b) Ether Value Mechanism

c) Ether Value Measure

d) Ether Virtual Measure

Answer:- Ethereum Virtual Machine

Question#11 Based on the storage of keys, wallets are classified into ______.

a) Custodial and Non-custodial

b) Hot and Cold

c) Private and Public

d) Desktop and Mobile

Answer:- Hot and Cold

Question#12 Ethereum Client’s Command Line Interface can be used for ___________.

a) Create transactions

b) Run smart contracts

c) Mining

d) Join the Ethereum network

e) All the options

Answer:- All the options

Question#13 All normal transactions are ________.

a) Private transactions

b) Multi-signature Transactions

c) Public transactions

d) Single-signature Transactions

Answer:- Single-signature Transactions

Question#14 MetaMask wallet is a Browser Extension.

a) True

b) False

Answer:- True

Question#15 Wallets and Ethereum Clients are used to interact with Ethereum network.

a) True

b) False

Answer:- True

Question#16 How is transaction fee calculated?

a) Gas Limit-Gas used) * gas price

b) Gas used * gas price

c) Gas used * Gas Limit

d) Gas used + gas price

Answer:- Gas used * gas price

Question#17 ______ is a personal testnetwork that is a part of truffle suite.

a) Kovan

b) Ropsten

c) Ganache

d) Goerli

Answer:- Ganache

Question#18 Configuration file of Truffle is?

a) truffle-configuration.js

b) truffle-config.ts

c) truffle-config.js

d) truffle.js

Answer:- truffle-config.js

Question#19 Solidity is a _____ language.

a) Turing incomplete

b) Turing Complete

c) Interpreted

d) Dynamic

Answer:- Turing Complete

Question#20 Remix IDE cannot be used with a Browser.

a) True

b) False

Answer:- False

Question#21 Remix IDE can be locally installed.

a) True

b) False

Answer:- True

Question#22 Which is the command to install truffle?

a) npm install -g truffleSuite

b) npm install -g truffleCompiler

c) npm install truffleSuite

d) npm install -g truffle

Answer:- npm install -g truffle

Question#23 Which of the following is a geth command?

a) geth.accounts

b) eth.account

c) geth.getAccounts

d) eth.getAccounts

Answer:- geth.accounts

Question#24 If the actual Gas used in a Contract execution is less than the Gas specified by the user, the additional amount is returned.

a) True

b) False

Answer:- True

Question#25 Solidity is a statically typed language.

a) True

b) False

Answer:- True

Question#26 Truffle can be used for ____

a) Testing Contracts.

b) Debugging contracts

c) Compiling Contracts, Deploying Contracts

d) Creating front-end for DApps

e) All the options

Answer:- All the options

Question#27 For EIP to become a new ERC, _________________.

a) Approved by Ethereum Committee

b) Deployed in the Blockchain

c) Is to follow coding standards

d) Is to be coded properly

Answer:- Approved by Ethereum Committee

Question#28 ______signifies the amount of gas to be spent for a transaction.

a) Ether

b) Gas limit

c) Gas price

d) Ether limit

Answer:- Gas limit

Question#29 Which of the following is a Proof of Work implemented test network?

a) Ganache

b) Ropsten

c) Rinkeby

d) Kovan

Answer:- Ropsten

Question#30 Which of the follwing is an extension of Solidity file?

a) .json

b) .sol

c) .bat

d) .class

Answer:- .sol

Question#31 _______contains the Development Environment, testing Framework, and the asset pipeline.

a) Metamask

b) Truffle

c) Ganache

d) Mist

Answer:- Truffle

Question#32 ______ functions can only be called from inside the present contract, and cannot be called by the inherited contracts.

a) External

b) Internal

c) Private

d) Public

Answer:- Private

Question#33 How the ether is brought into the Ethereum system?

a) Issued by participation

b) Exchanging with bitcoin

c) Mining

d) Buying

Answer:- Mining

Question#34 MetaMask wallet is a ______.

a) Browser Extension

b) Physical wallet

c) Hot Wallet

d) Full Node Wallet

Answer:- Browser Extension

Question#35 Which control structure is not supported by Solidity?

a) Switch

b) Do while

c) While

d) for

Answer:- Switch

Question#36 What is the denomination used in Ethereum?

a) Ether

b) Kei

c) Wei

d) Bitcoin

Answer:- Wei

Question#37 Ethereum network is classified into _________.

a) Public and Consortium blockchain

b) Public and Private blockchain

c) Consortium and Private blockchain

d) Public, Private and Consortium blockchain

Answer:- Public, Private and Consortium blockchain

Question#38 _______ is a collection of libraries used to create easy and better front-end for Ethereum DApps.

a) Drizzle

b) Truffle

c) Ganache

d) Crizzle

Answer:- Drizzle

Question#39 What is the token used for executing Smart Contracts?

a) Ether

b) Bitcoin

c) Gas

d) Dollars

Answer:- Gas

Question#40 How can one send ethers?

a) Between accounts on the same network

b) Between accounts on any network

c) Between accounts on any private network

d) All the options

Answer:- Between accounts on the same network

Question#41 Ethereum Virtual Machine supports turing complete languages.

a) True

b) False

Answer:- True

Question#42 Contract Accounts have code associated with them.

a) True

b) False

Answer:- True

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