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How does Salesforce track sales details?

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Use the performance chart on the Home page in Lightning Experience to track your sales performance or the performance of your sales team against a customizable sales goal.

The performance chart displays data based on your sales team’s opportunities if you have an associated team. Otherwise, the chart displays opportunities you own. Only opportunities for the current sales quarter that are closed or open with a probability over 70% are displayed.

Closed—The sum of your closed opportunities.
Open (>70%)—The sum of your open opportunities with a probability over 70%. The blue line in the chart is the combined total of the closed opportunities and open opportunities with a probability over 70%.
Goal—Your customizable sales goal for the quarter. This field is specific to the performance chart and has no impact on forecast quotas or any other type of goal. Click edit button to set the goal.

Hover over the chart to see the closed and committed opportunity amounts for different dates. If you hover over a date when an opportunity was closed or set to a probability over 70%, a blue dot appears. Click the dot to see a window with more opportunity details.The performance chart isn’t refreshed automatically. Click Refresh button to make sure you have the most up-to-date view of your sales performance.

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