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What is the term Data Science?

1 Answer

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An interdisciplinary field that constitutes various scientific processes, algorithms, tools, and machine learning techniques working to help find common patterns and gather sensible insights from the given raw input data using statistical and mathematical analysis is called Data Science.

  • It starts with gathering the business requirements and relevant data.
  • Once the data is acquired, it is maintained by performing data cleaning, data warehousing, data staging, and data architecture.
  • Data processing does the task of exploring the data, mining it, analyzing it which can be finally used to generate the summary of the insights extracted from the data.
  • Once the exploratory steps are completed, the cleansed data is subjected to various algorithms like predictive analysis, regression, text mining, recognition patterns, etc depending on the requirements.
  • In the final stage, the results are communicated to the business in a visually appealing manner. This is where the skill of data visualization, reporting, and different business intelligence tools come into the picture.

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