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What are some issues with Cloud Computing?

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Following are some of the issues of cloud computing:

  • Security Issues: As it would be in any other computing paradigms, security is as much of a concern as Cloud computing. Cloud Computing is vaguely defined as the outsourcing of services, which in turn causes users to lose significant control over their data. With the public Cloud, there is also a risk of seizure associated.
  • Legal and Compliance Issues: Sometimes, clouds are bounded by geographical boundaries. The provision of different services is not location-dependent. Because of this flexibility Clouds face Legal & Compliance issues. Though these issues affect the end-users, they are related mainly to the vendors.
  • Performance and Quality of Service (QoS) Related Issues: Paradigm performance is of utmost importance for any computing. The Quality of Service (QoS) varies as the user requirements may vary. One of the critical Quality of Service-related issues is the optimized way in which commercial success can be achieved using Cloud computing. If a provider is unable to deliver the promised QoS it may tarnish its reputation. One faces the issue of Memory and Licensing constraints which directly hamper the performance of a system, as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deals with the provision of software on virtualized resources,
  • Data Management Issues: An important use case of Cloud Computing is to put almost the entire data on the Cloud with minimum infrastructure requirements for the end-users. The main problems related to data management are scalability of data, storage of data, data migration from one cloud to another, and also different architectures for resource access. It is of utmost importance to manage these data effectively, as data in Cloud computing also includes highly confidential information.

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