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What are the benefits of using Salesforce CRM?

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The benefits of using Salesforce CRM is given below:

  • Communicate using automation tools: With the help of Salesforce Einstein Bots, its features can automatically respond to chats on time. Thus avoids giving delayed response.
  • Data syncing from different applications: Data from other applications such as MailChimp and G Suite can be integrated into the Salesforce platform. This removes the difficulty of moving from one software to another. Using Salesforce mobile app, you can keep track of your data anytime and anywhere.
  • Utilization of data analytics tools: Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics gives insights so that users can address the changing data right away. Salesforce has a collection of reporting tools and dashboards that will help you collect information and work on it properly.
  • Following customer activity: It helps to understand the customer’s journey through the sales cloud so that you will have easier access to their behavior and background. You can review the click rates on your email campaigns to help you recognize what works best for your customers.
  • Assisting customers through chat: A chat box is provided by the service cloud’s live agent depending on the interaction of your customers or followers on your web page. By connecting with the customer profile, your service team can deliver answers. This is helpful in improving customer experiences by letting agents respond quickly.
  • Using an omnichannel feature: Multi-channel feature provided by the service cloud automatically shifts conversations from various channels directly to the agents. This gives them one place to connect with customers through calls, social media, chat, messaging, or email.
  • Consistent engagement with current customers: Looking for a new customer is more expensive than keeping the current ones. Use the gathered data in Salesforce’s CRM to create consistent marketing campaigns.
    • You can build apps:, a Platform as a Service(PaaS) simplifies customizing and building apps for any device without using a complicated infrastructure.

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