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what is developmental methods conference

1 Answer

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You can't achieve great management and agility by reading a tutorial. You need to hear stories of how others did it and network with experienced practitioners. Conferences are one of the best opportunities to hear those stories, find those people, and turn their advice into real-world practices.

Here is our shortlist of the most popular agile and lean software development conferences of 2019. We've listed them all, although not all dates, locations, and pricing were available at publication time, especially for events taking place later in the year.

In those cases, we provided historical information about the event to give you an idea of what to expect, and what you'll get out of attending. But keep checking back. We'll update this guide as more information becomes available.

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TISQA Conference 2019

Twitter: @TISQA_RTP

Web: tisqa.org

Date: February 27-28

Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Cost: Conference, $99; workshops, $125 to $249

A small conference with some big names, the one-day TISQA Conference also includes workshops held the day before. It's located in a rapidly growing region of North Carolina for STEM

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