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what is hardware development in agile

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Hardware development incorporates four parallel, synchronized projects: 1) The detailed design

of the manufacturable product; 2) the manufacturing process and tooling; 3) the test and

inspection process and equipment; and 4) the supply chain for purchased parts. In software

development, the detailed design is the product, and production deployment consists of moving

the product into a context where it can be used.

• The cost of development for software products is relatively flat over time (aside from the usual

hiring and attrition). However, the cost of hardware development rises rapidly towards the end of

the development cycle for hardware products.

• Due to many of the above factors, it is possible to make major changes in direction for a planned

software-product upgrade in mid-development, without massive disruption and waste. Attempts

to make such changes in hardware development come at a much higher cost, in terms of sunk

costs wasted, and shipping schedules postponed. As a result, major changes must either be

deferred to a future product upgrade, or are done when an assessment is made that the impact

is justified by the magnitude of the benefits

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