Sep 18, 2019 in Agile

Q: what is inspect and adapt workshop in agile

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Sep 18, 2019
Adaptability: The practice of breaking large scope into many small, testable deliverables has

provided tremendous flexibility to plan, control, and change scope (sometimes dramatically) on

short notice

• Minimum time to market: Small, high-value requests can be developed and delivered more

quickly, in as little as a few weeks in some cases

• Higher probability of meeting customer needs: More frequent customer testing and feedback

allows a better shot at a moving target

Hardware development incorporates four parallel, synchronized projects: 1) The detailed design

of the manufacturable product; 2) the manufacturing process and tooling; 3) the test and

inspection process and equipment; and 4) the supply chain for purchased parts. In software

development, the detailed design is the product, and production deployment consists of moving

the product into a context where it can be used
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