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in Agile by
what is beyond budgeting in agile

1 Answer

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The Beyond Budgeting principles

Change in leadership Change in processes

1. Values - Govern through a few clear values, goals and

boundaries, not detailed rules and budgets

2. Performance - Create a high performance climate

based on relative success, not on meeting fixed targets

3. Transparency - Promote open information for self

management, don’t restrict it hierarchically

4. Organization - Organize as a network of lean,

accountable teams, not around centralized functions

5. Autonomy - Give teams the freedom and capability to

act; don’t micro-manage them

6. Customers - Focus everyone on improving customer

outcomes, not on hierarchical relationships

7. Goals - Set relative goals for continuous improvement,

don’t negotiate fixed performance contracts

8. Rewards - Reward shared success based on relative

performance, not on meeting fixed targets

9. Planning - Make planning a continuous and inclusive

process, not a top-down annual event

10. Coordination - Coordinate interactions dynamically, not

through annual planning cycles

11. Resources - Make resources available as needed, not

through annual budget allocations

12. Controls - Base controls on relative indicators and

trends, not on variances against plan

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