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what is retrospective letter in agile

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Retrospectives can be great tools to enable product development teams to iterate and improve on their process when done properly.

The problem is, too many team leaders don't know how to effectively facilitate their retrospectives. This can impact the benefits the team sees from these valuable meetings, which leads to decreased productivity overtime compared to teams that run their retros properly.

Even the greatest team leaders can require improvement in the way they run their retrospectives. The good news is, it's an easy fix once they learn how to do it properly. To help teams succeed, we've created a comprehensive eBook, "How to Facilitate an Agile Retrospective" to provide teams with insight on how to prepare, lead, and follow-up with their retrospectives in a manner that will drive real results to team performance.

Below is a preview from the eBook, where our CEO Debbie Madden highlights the importance of retrospectives, and the value this content will provide to your leadership efforts:

As an early adopter of Agile and CEO of a fast growing application development consulting company, I’ve found retrospectives to be among the most energizing and valuable meetings I attend. They enable whole teams to reflect upon the past in a blame-free, constructive way. And when facilitated well, they lead to a small set of fruitful action items that have the power to catapult teams to increased productivity moving forward.

Unfortunately, retrospectives are often not run well, because facilitators often fail to adequately prepare. But, retrospectives are not something you can just show up to and wing. They deserve up-front thought and planning. So, in this ebook, I’ve distilled down the most valuable takeaways from all my years running and attending retrospectives. You’ll learn how to prepare, run and follow up retrospectives in an easy to follow, repeatable format.

At the end of the ebook, you get a compact “one sheet” that you can take with you to meetings to ensure you’ve got the process down pat.

Running effective Agile retrospectives is fun, empowering and highly efficient. I hope you enjoy learning about them! And, if you have any questions at all, I welcome them. Enjoy.

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